Sunday, 22 February 2015

PB4L Role Models

Our focus this week was to be responsible by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves. As a class, we talked about what this meant on the mat, at our tables, and in the playground. Congratulations to Rubi, Denzel, Kate, and William who were especially good role models of this focus. Well done to the rest of Room 16 for working hard at this focus.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Mathematical Robots!

On Friday we made robots during maths to show our understanding of Place Value. We carefully cut out ones, tens, and hundreds, and worked individually or in groups to make our robots. After working out the total value of our robots, we shared them as a class to work out which robot was the biggest! It was quite close, but it turned out that Jackson, Josh, and William made the robot with the largest value. Have a look at all our wonderful robotic designs below!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Be Respectful

Our PB4L focus this week was to show respect by looking after property and equipment. Well done to everyone in Room 16 for working hard at this all week, and an especially big congratulations to Kya, Oscar, Denzel, and Eashwar, who earned a badge and house token - two in the case of Oscar - for being exemplary models of this focus during the week.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Red Balloon

This week we read 'The Red Balloon' together and learned about the adventures had by Pascal and his friend, the Red Balloon. The book is based on a French short film from 1956, which can be found via the youtube link below.

School Houses

This year has a seen a change in our school house system. There are now four houses - Kauri, Kowhai, Rimu, and Totara. Every child and teacher in our school has been placed into one of these houses (go Kauri!). Sibl;ings will still belong to the same house. There will be plenty of opportunities for children to get involved with their houses, especially through PB4L and sporting events.

Children, in case you can't remember which house you are in, below is a picture to remind you. I've also got a copy up in our classroom, and you can find this post under the 'What House am I in?' link on the side of the blog.

Celebrating Success

We have been handing out PB4L badges to children who showed themselves as super examples of our focus for this week, which was to be respectful by being on time. Well done to Denzel, Jocelyn, Oscar, and Josh for their efforts this week. Thanks also to the rest of Room 16, who have been working hard to be responsible learners.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Welcome to Room 16!

A warm welcome to all the wonderful students of Room 16! We've spent the first few days getting back into the rhythm of regular routines, and have had a great time reading The Red Balloon, writing poetry, and doing some graphs for Maths. Keep an eye on the blog for regular updates about the learning and fun that will be taking place in our classroom!