Sunday, 26 July 2015

Mathetics Champions

Well done to everyone who worked hard at their Mathletics tasks this week. Log on regularly to make sure you get to 1,000 points!

PB4L Champions

This week, our focus was on being respectful by listening to adult instructions. Well done to Brianna and Kya, who were superstars at demonstrating this focus throughout the week!

Six Sentence Stories

For writing this week, Room, 16 wrote Six Sentence Stories. Our learning focus was on making sure we understood that a sentence must have a subject (person, place, or thing), a verb (a doing word), should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Together, we wrote a shared story about a Barbarian named Templeton, and then we all wrote our own amazing stories. Below you can see some of our published stories.

Cardboard Contraptions!

On Friday, Room 16 watched the following video about a boy called Caine who built his own arcade (mostly) out of cardboard! We were inspired and started designing our own arcade games that we might be able to make. This is going to be our technology focus for this term, and if you have any cardboard boxes hanging around at home we would love to add them to our collection in order to create the clever cardboard creations that Room 16 students have already started to dream up.